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Digital Marketing Expert - Mr. Surender Singhal

Founder of KADAM (Karon Academy of Digital and Advance Marketing)

Surender Singhal is an IIM Raipur certified Digital Marketing Professional, Trainer and Consultant with 10+ years of experience. He is an award winning analyst in digital election management strategy.


Karon Academy of Digital and Advance Marketing

Friends my name is Surender Singhal, I have started a KADAM (Karon Academy of Digital and Advance Marketing).

My mission is to introduce people to a new world of financial freedom by teaching best digital marketing courses with advance knowledge and skills of digital marketing, which is different from traditional knowledge.

With my KADAM (Karon Academy of Digital and Advance Marketing) now I want to increase the knowledge to at least 10 lakh people by teaching them new skills of digital marketing in Hindi so that every Indian can increase their income and get Financial Freedom.

So let’s make our dreams come true by making India digital because ‘Digital is the future’.

Our Digital Marketing Workshop Products

सीखिए Advance Digital Marketing Concepts, lead generation, website management, Google Ads & Facebook Ads Management, SEO and Automation हमारे Main Course और विभिन्न Crash Courses द्वारा 

Digital Marketing Blueprint

SEO & Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

Financial Freedom Challenge Membership

Facebook & Google Ads Mindmaps

Digital Sales Automation System

Why Join This Course

आपको भी Digital होना पड़ेगा क्यूंकि सबकुछ online और डिजिटल हो रहा है I

Working Professionals :-

  • Get Expertise in Planning Online marketing strategies for your Company or brand.

  • You will Master the Social media Concept from Scratch to Create a Brand Presence.

  • You will Learn In-depth of Google Ranking System, SEO, and Rank Company Website 1st Page of the Search engine.

  • Change, Upgrade Your Current Job Confidently within a Month After Learning & Getting Certified

Business Owners:-

  • Create & Manage Your Business Website Like a Pro.
  • Increasing online brand awareness for your Brand/Business.
  • Getting Relevant & Targeted traffic to your business website through SEO, to get more inquiry & sales.
  • Generate Leads through Social Media, Search Engines, Google Ads, and other channels of Online Marketing.
  • Increase sales & inquiries with less marketing expense and higher your Result On Investment.

Job Seekers :-

  • Expose your skill as a digital marketing expert in Industry to Get Job Opportunity.
  • Apply relevant tools and concepts to execute, measure, and monitor website digital marketing plan.
  • Manage Online reputation for a company where you will work.
  • Generate Part-time Income through Affiliate Marketing & Blogging.
  • Measures Digital Marketing Performance, Reporting & Growth & Get Higher Salary.

How long can I access the course material provided to me?

You have a year from the date you purchased the course to access and study the course contents. The Karon Digital platform makes it simple for anyone who wants to stay up to date on the latest digital marketing topics.

Can I download the videos provided on the platform?

No, you will not be able to download any of the videos available on the site because we often change the tutorial videos. Downloading a few movies would imply preserving out-of-date content, which is a service we do not wish to provide. On the Karon Digital platform, you may always study and learn about digital marketing.

Why shouldn't I buy some course instead?

You can count on our courses being updated practically every month. You may confirm that the cues you see on your screen match those in the video by doing so.

How do I get the maximum value out of my investment?

We designed our platform to make it easy for you to understand the ideas. Furthermore, if you are not online for a few days, the platform will send you an email reminding you to visit it.

What all courses do you provide?

We provide 8 powerful digital marketing courses, including WordPress development, Facebook, Google Ads, Zapier, marketing automation, and Google Ads. The entire course menu is also available in the menu area at the top.

How do I earn with Karon Digital?

It's straightforward. To access the account section, you must first register as a paying user; as a result, you must purchase a course. You can see your affiliate area there, allowing you to spread the word about our products within your network.
Aditya Singh Student

Karon Digital is an amazing platform to learn trendy Digital Marketing courses online, they also provide an opportunity to earn.

Shruti Pandey Businesswomen

I just came around this website, the content is superb, would love to work as an affiliate, and earn a stable commission.

Shivraj Singh Entrepreneur

I am a Digital Marketing enthusiast, and I believe this platform is for all who want to learn intermediate techniques of Digital Marketing.

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